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Yoko Fresh Tomato Spa Salt 300g

Yoko Fresh Tomato Spa Salt 300g

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Fresh Tomato Spa Salt is a natural salt body scrub with Tomato extract, enriched with Lycopene. With natural ingredients of Vitamin A, C and E, it effectively exfoliates and removes dirt deposit and dead skin cells. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, also provides skin looking more luminous, lighten and even skin tone.
- Tomato extract: enriches with lycopene, vitamin and mineral that helps providing skin lightening and moisturizer.
- Vitamin E: Is an excellent antioxidants, to protect cells against free radical damage, also can slow the aging process.

Pore Spa Salt on your hand. Rub gently in circular motion on wet skin. Leave it on your skin for 3 minutes and then rinse off with clean water.
After use, you can feel your skin's softness and smoothness.

300 grams

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