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Madame Louise Clear Defense Soap Pack of 4

Madame Louise Clear Defense Soap Pack of 4

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Soap formula protects the skin for 6 hours.
Suitable for those who are allergic, acne-prone, antibacterial. Deep cleansing Suitable for people with body odor. Sweating a lot or being an athlete

Main ingredients
• Innovative formula extracted from technology to combat body odor while maintaining the original PH level to maintain healthy skin.

• Neem extract: anti-inflammatory. Antimicrobial and antibacterial Helps reduce body odor and acne problems. and helps in healing skin wounds

• Nice extract Or Andrographis paniculata is suitable for treating skin abscesses. Inhibits infection and growth of various germs.

• Cucumber extract : Moisturizes and soothes the skin. Ready to help soothe the skin Reduce swelling and itching Helps create new cells Reduces oil accumulation and neutralizes the skin from harmful antioxidants.

• Aloe Vera Extract: Contains antioxidants. High in vitamin A and C enzymes It has good anti-inflammatory effects and can treat burns, acne and dry skin problems. Aloe vera itself is an amazing plant that helps relieve sunburn, moisturizes the skin, and helps heal wounds. and fight against aging of the skin Reduce symptoms of infection and acne. It also makes blemish scars fade away as well.

• Centella Asiatica Extract : The ingredients of Centella Asiatica are moisturizing to increase the moisture of the skin. Treats dry and sensitive skin.

• Peppermint leaf extract: is an extract that naturally adjusts skin tone. effective and helps remove dead cells Helps remove skin cells that have begun to emerge from the pores. Improves skin to be soft, supple and well moisturized. It also keeps the skin hydrated by tightening pores and soothing irritated skin.

• Bitter melon extract: Bitter melon extracts can help protect the skin from the imbalance of naturally occurring substances on the skin, keeping the skin in good condition. Anti-bacterial and helps reduce free radicals that are harmful to the skin.

Pack of 4 (80 grams each)

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