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Madame Louise Brightamin Soap Pack of 4

Madame Louise Brightamin Soap Pack of 4

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youth soap
Suitable for dull skin. Acne-prone skin and UV damage and visible signs of aging such as dark spots, sun damage reduce scarring.

Main ingredients
• Orange peel extract: reduces excess oil. Reduces pores and prevents acne.

• Orange oil: helps neutralize free radicals. Reduce pigment and melanin Increases clarity, radiance and smoothness

• AHA fruit extracts: stimulate collagen synthesis. Exfoliate the skin to make it lighter. Reduces visible signs of aging skin. Increase radiance Reduce scars and dark spots

• Vitamin E: Reduces the damage of UV rays in the skin, nourishes and protects the skin from free radicals. Anti-oxidant and revitalize cells

• Vitamin C: Contains collagen, increasing radiance. Reduce skin color changes from the dangers of UV rays and increases the smoothness of the skin

• Kojic Acid : Creation of new cells. Reduce damage from sunlight, reduce dark spots, reduce acne scars. Reduce wrinkles on the skin and brightening the skin

• Calendula extract: fights free radicals, fights fungus, and heals irritated and allergic skin. Increases moisture and anti-inflammatory properties of the skin.

• Moringa extract: increases moisture. Prevent pollution Reduce wrinkles and sunlight. Delays premature aging, cleanses, purifies, fights acne, and relieves inflammation.

Pack of 4 (80 grams each)

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