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Lolentis Hair Spa Treatment Soft & Silky 500ml

Lolentis Hair Spa Treatment Soft & Silky 500ml

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Lolentis Hair Spa Treatment. Lolentis Hair Spa Treatment helps deeply restore hair.

Laurentis Hair Spa Nano Hair Treatment has a mixture of special olive oil, vitamins, silicones and 5 concentrated serums that will deeply nourish dry and damaged hair. Quickly repairs damaged hair and strengthens it from the inside out. Helps the hair relax and condition the hair back to being soft, smooth, and weighty for beautiful, shiny hair like silk.

How to use: Wash your hair and wipe it dry. Apply Hair Spa all over the head. Massage the hair and scalp Then leave it for about 10 minutes by steaming or covering with a cloth or leaving it to marinate as desired. Then rinse thoroughly.


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