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ROHTO Hada Labo Skin Laboratory Whitening Lotion Rich 170ml

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The medical use whitening lotion of the moist type that nature type high purity Al butyne (whitening active ingredient) and the nano that I was particular about moisture thoroughly when it was white of the skin and chose combined hyaluronic acid (moisture ingredient) with. I suppress the generation of the melanin and prevent a stain, freckles. Pigeon wheat extract combination derived from a vitamin C derivative, vitamin E, a Japanese and Chinese plant as 整肌 moisture ingredient. To the light skin which is fully moistened, and shines. Subacidity. Mineral oil-free alcohol is free no coloration no fragrance.

After face-wash, you take an appropriate amount in a palm and let you be familiar with skin, and let I push it easily and anticipate it.

Use whether abnormality does not occur on ○ skin well with caution. When I blush in sunlight after during use or use and form, and abnormality such as an itch, stimulation, color omission (bright spots) or the darkening appeared, you cancel use, and talk with skin of フ department specialists. A symptom may turn worse when I continue just using it. <other precautions> do not use ○ wound, a rash, a rash of the fine weather in the part with the abnormality. ○You are careful not to get into eyes, and wash it away with water or tepid water immediately when you entered. In addition, talk with an ophthalmologist when abnormality remains.

ingredients: Al butyne <other ingredients> hyaluronic acid Na-2, hydrolysis hyaluronic acid (nano hyaluronic acid), vitamin C phosphoric acid Mg, vitamin E, Coix Seed extract (pigeon wheat extract), DPG, strong glycerin, Sorbit liquid, a POP methyl glucoside, diglycerine, xanthan gum, carboxy vinyl polymers, TEA, laurate POE (20) sorbitan, BG, VP, styrene copolymer emulsion, paraben

170ml (Made in Japan)