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Neo Hair Lotion Treatment Purchased from Watsons 120ml

Neo Hair Lotion Treatment Purchased from Watsons 120ml

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Some people insist the Neo Hair Lotion sold at Watsons Drug Store is different than the Neo Hair Lotion purchased from Green Wealth. I am an authorized Green Wealth distributor. I have inspected both products and I am certain they are identical. If you really want to be absolutely sure you are getting the genuine product sold at Watsons, I will place an order for you from Watsons. Please allow a few extra days for fulfillment.  

Neo Hair Hair Treatment (No need to rinse) Hair care products

Place of Origin

1. Gently comb your hair 2-3 times 2. Spray Neo Hair Lotion on the Scalp 3. Gently comb the whole scalp. Use regularly morning and night

Purified Water, Ethanol, Ethoxy Diglycol, Propylene, Glycol, Ginseng Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Cantaloupe Extract

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