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Neo Hair Lotion Hair Root Nutrients Pack of 3

Neo Hair Lotion Hair Root Nutrients Pack of 3

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Neo Hair Lotion spray helps prevent hair loss and thinning.

100% Natural herbal extracts

Reduce hair loss from various situations effectively – accelerate stimulating new hair growth, long and bushy black – maintenance repairs the hair root and hair, strong hair serum
Herbal extract is beneficial to hair and scalp, no chemicals that poison the body.

Cantaloupe extract It accelerates germination of black hair length and strength to inhibit the fall, the hair is soft and shiny.
Ginseng extract It stimulates the circulation of cells in the scalp. Give hair roots get nutrients. The hair root effect is awake. It accelerates germination and nourishes hair roots. And reduce the loss of hair.
Extracts from herbs to touch the main ingredient. Cantaloupe, white ginseng, palm leaf, saw palmetto.

Spray Neo Hair Lotion in the morning and evening after washing and drying your hair. Rub the areas with few hairs or bold areas for a while to stimulate the blood circulation around those areas. Spray the product on your scalp as much as possible without washing away.

Pack of 3

120ml each

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