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BSC Cosmetology Superfine Whitening Powder SPF 25 Shade P1

BSC Cosmetology Superfine Whitening Powder SPF 25 Shade P1

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Shade: P1 (medium)

Radiant white light, not heavy. The powder particles are smaller than 6.8 microns. Mixed pine bark from France absorbs excess oil. Phyto Lifting Complex oat extract for anti-aging. Leaves skin silky smooth.

Airy Powder technology of molecular powder with a light texture. Delivers soft, smooth skin leaves no powder residue. Even in hot, humid weather.Cellulose, starch, white spherical particles smaller profile. Extracted from natural fibers have properties that help keep the texture smooth. Evenly distributed It has a translucent white skin color. The skin stays smooth.Superfine powder particles smaller 6.8 microns. Oil Capturing Network stabilizer create pore-like cross gelation thus absorb excess oil. Reducing oily shine on your face. Make skin look smoother. Pine Bark Pine Bark Extract from France. Reduces the pigment melanin and makes the skin radiant light.

10 grams

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