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Bergamot Hair Lotion Prevents Hair Loss Kaffir Lime

Bergamot Hair Lotion Prevents Hair Loss Kaffir Lime

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Eliminates dandruff

Cures itchy scalp

Prevents hair loss

Absolutely pure with natural extracts from kaffir lime peel oil and other beneficial herbs. Effective in eliminating dandruff and curing itchy scalp with visible results. Nourish your scalp and strengthen hair follicles. Reduce and prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Resolve the problem of hair loss and thinning hair effectively. 

Directions: After washing and drying your hair, apply some of the hair lotion on the scalp and massage it lightly. Do not rinse. Apply 1-2 times a day until results are shown.

Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol, Deionized water, Lanolin Derivatives, Oxyethylenated Sorbitan Ester, Orotein Fatty Acid Collagen Concentrated, Glycol poly amine condensate, poly valent herbal extract, panthenol/biotin,Herbal extract/vitamin combination, Bergamot oil extract, preservative germaben, fragrance, propylene glycol

90ml (3.0 oz) each

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