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Kamillosan M Spray 15ml Pack of 3

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KAMILLOSAN-M combines the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile with the anti-bacterial effect of the essential oils.


Inflammation in mouth or throat.

Parodontosis, and gingivitis

Pain after tooth extraction

Irritation caused by dental plates


Canker sores

Bad breath

How to use: Apply the sprayer 3 times daily to the affected region of the buccal and pharyngeal cavity (mouth). Two shorts applied with the spraying head correspond to a fully effective single dose. It is recommended to use the sprayer after meals. Spray into your mouth, not your nose!

Composition: 1 ml contains: Chamomile (370.5 mg standardized chamomile extract with 100 mg essential oil and 3 mg chamazulene) Peppermint (peppermint oil 18.5 mg) Sage oil 6 mg Anise (anise oil 7 mg) Pine needle oil 1 mg Bergamot oil 0.5 mg Eucalyptol 5 mg Methy salicylate 1 mg Kamillosan M contains approx. 25% ethyl alcohol.

Pack of 3

15ml (0.5 oz) bottle with sprayer